To Disappear in Sinaloa

On average, every 8 hours someone is disappeared in Sinaloa. In a state permeated by social and bureaucratic violence, the crime has created a new form of survival: attempting to avoid disappearing.

This does not form part of the agendas of the government agencies tasked with preventing it, who lack a clear explanation of the social dynamics that lead to the disappearance of both women and men.

Rather, it is the families of the disappeared who have undertaken the searches, risking threats, beatings, murder, and disappearance to do the work that, by all logic, should be done by the state authorities.

cases of disappeared persons
cemeteries in Sinaloa with common graves
clandestine graves found during the last 10 years

Geography of barbarity

Map of common graves

Map of clandestine graves

These stories are true

Hasta Encontrarles: ¿Por qué desaparece la niñez en Sinaloa?

En Sinaloa hay un registro de 2 mil 79 niñas, niños y adolescentes desaparecidos, 336 no han regresado a casa.

Desaparición forzada | Cuando el uniforme de policía sirve para desaparecer a personas

El Comité contra las Desapariciones Forzadas de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas ha encontrado serios reclamos en contra de policías y militares, por participar o ser cómplices en las desapariciones de personas en México.
ORacion desaparecidos sinaloa hasta encontrarles

A prayer for the disappeared

“We give thanks because we have found this treasure. We give thanks for the person who helped us find you, and we give thanks because you are now going to return home, you beautiful being, whomever you are. Now your mother, your family will be able to rest peacefully".
panteones desaparecidos sinaloa hasta encontrarles

The cemeteries are filled with the nameless

The day the gravediggers die, they will take with them the records of hundreds or thousands of people who were buried in common graves as “unidentified".
Desaparecidos policías sinaloa

The police who did not want to be police

Not all police are bad, but neither are all officers good. There are even those who prefer to eschew their role as protectors of the law and choose to become criminals.

How to help

Si tienes información sobre el paradero de estas personas, quieres contactar con alguno de los familiares o brindarles cualquier tipo de apoyo, déjanos un mensaje con tu número de contacto y/o correo electrónico.